Meet Yassin Hall

Yassin Hall is the Award Winning Youth Non Fiction Amazon Best Selling Author of  of “Journey Untold…My Mother’s Struggle with Mental Illnesses”.


bookcoverShe is a Mental Health Advocate, Educator, and Motivational Speaker born and raised on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is the visionary Founder and Program Manager of Milestones Mom’s Support Group, an entity providing support and resources to Mom’s who share similar unspoken experiences and challenges of raising a child suffering from some form of mental illness.



award winner journey untoldHall is a certified CIT & Mental Health First Aider, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul, Life Mentor and Dance Mom.

Her childhood fascination with fashion ignited her interest to pursue modelling and designing at age 12. While modelling gained the young island beauty tremendous notoriety locally and internationally, there was much greater notoriety surrounding her publicly stemming from Yassin’s mother’s battle and unfortunate demise living with schizophrenia. After witnessing her mother suffer a mental breakdown before her childhood eyes, almost losing her young life by the hands of the very person that was supposed to love, nurture and protect her.

Hall has expanded her enterprise to Entrepreneur.

bosslogowebAs a B.O.S.S Amazon class instructor, she is proficient with the amazon selling processing for all of your business needs. Yassin’s passion and love for helping others have led to her educating others around the world on how to sell and increase their sales on amazon using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). She believes that if you can build a profitable business online that gives you the freedom to enjoy time with your family, and the money to make your dreams come true, then why not educate and empower others to have a better quality of life? Her goal is to share with others how to live the life of their dreams, having a rocking business and most importantly putting family first.

She was raised by her maternal grandmother and paternal uncle while bearing the public shame and stigma of her mother’s mental illness. A huge burden and obstacle that could’ve easily derailed her will to persevere and fight towards the destiny that she credits God with ordaining.

Her story is one of turmoil and redemption that has propelled her to champion the cause of mental illness and embrace her staple messaging “It’s okay to not be okay”.  She wants her story as a child living with a mother that was mentally ill to inspire, save and break the curse through her mission of acceptance, education and treatment.

10931397_779604705410317_2467555899364867556_nYassin has traveled the world and worked closely with the Department of Mental Health to bring awareness to communities deteriorating with many undiagnosed and untreated mentally ill. She is convinced that this cycle can be broken so that millions suffering with depression, anxiety and mental disorders can fight to their own ordained destiny.


She has appeared on CBS, PBS & Bravo TV while devoted her time, services and efforts to numerous organizations dedicated to this cause including NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness). Yassin serves as a Presenter on the organization’s behalf for “Ending the Silence” teaching mental health from lived experience to high school students; amongst her many other affiliations and work with mental illness in the Caribbean and U.S.



Her story is one of turmoil and redemption that has propelled her to champion the cause of mental illness and embrace her staple messaging “It’s okay to not be okay”.