The Traveling Book – “The Evolution”

After many requests here I am at 11:24pm blogging.  So tired but finding the the time to get into the world of blogging.

“The Evolution” of the Traveling Book Journey Untold

Did I ever see myself as a author?  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how did I write my story?

This lady, Lo’an Sewerloan-sewer_jewels-of-the-virgin-isles-small…who is also my cousin wrote this newspaper article about my accomplishments featuring my online women’s boutique store Let’s Journey into Fashion in November 2013.  My book was not published until January 2015. Yeah a little over a year ago.

She told me back in 2013  “you have an inspirational story that  can help others and you should write a book”.  With a very stern NO! because I simply thought “who would care to read about my life of pure emotional turmoil and shame?”

Many times she said to me “people would care” insistently I said, “NO!”

Couple months later she asked again, but this time she was specific!  She said “Yas you should write a book and it should be about your mother’s mental illness.”

Well, with my blood broiling and almost to the point of feeling “oh hell to the no!” “I was NOT going to write a book about the very SHAME & PAIN that plagued my life and now she wanted that book to be my 1st book!!!!!

Inside I felt insulted like good grief will this horrible plaque of mental illness just PLEASE go away!!!  You see for most of my life I had been afraid to know the entire truth.  Not just the truth regarding my mother’s illness but facing my own truth of turmoil inside.

I told her rather bold & abrupt NO I AM NOT WRITING A BOOK ABOUT MY MOTHER and ended the conversation over the phone.

To be continued….




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