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5 Star ReviewHonest, unapologetic, and insightful…

This book is firsthand insight into the author…and it is certainly a true testament that what you see is what you get with Yassin. It allows us to look beyond the perfect smile and laughter at a girl who has gone through so much in her life, yet has risen above it all to realize her dreams. Knowing her personally for many years, I read this book hearing the words in my head in Yassin’s own voice and I all I kept saying is…that sounds just like her and…that really happened! It took me back to our high school days and it struck me that she really did open up a very deep, upsetting and personal part of her life for the entire world to see. She is braver than many in her shoes and I give her all my respect for facing her life’s challenges head on. She can help many people in similar situations just by showing that there is more to a book than its cover and you can move forward despite your challenges one step at a time. Well done Ms. Hall…I am very proud of you and you truly are an inspiration.~ Audrey D.

5 Star ReviewMother’s struggle with mental illness

This book needs to be nominated for an Oscar. The life struggles as child growing up with mental illness in her home. In the end she has become successful. I recommend this book to my aunt who is seventy-two years and she enjoyed it.

5 Star ReviewAwesome Reading

This book left me in awe!! I read it in one sitting. Could not put it down. Yassin, i have known you most of your childhood life and never saw this side. I would like to congratulate you for your courage and strength. I would surely be passing this book on to anyone that would read. May God continue to bless you and your entire family and may he continue to help you through your dealings.

5 Star ReviewIt open my mind for new understanding

Being in the medical field for nearly 18 years, I’ve never considered the affect that mental illness had on a family when one person is struggling with it without the family acknowledging it or recognizing the signs. Yas, God was with you through it all because it had to be really hard to go through what you did and still be standing. To God be the glory. It’s a really great read!!!! Thanks for sharing and God’s blessing always to you and your kids!

5 Star ReviewExcellent book about mental illness

Excellent book about mental illness. Born and raised in the Virgin Islands myself, I could relate to so many of the things that were said and the places mentioned. I commend the author for sharing her story. I think in many aspects it is still a taboo subject that people don’t know what to do with or how to help. So instead, they do nothing and the cycle continues.

5 Star ReviewGood Read

Your story is raw & emotional! You are brave & courageous, it can’t be easy to share the painful memories. Many are called but few answer, please continue on this platform to educate others about mental illness. Your book will help many on a path toward healing & show them they are not alone.

5 Star ReviewInspirational

It brought mental illness to the forefront. I gave it that rating because it was so interesting and informative I just had to keep reading. I remember her mom walking the street so it was interesting to hear her struggles and that she gave glory to God for bringing her through. Love it!

5 Star ReviewMay you continue to bless those who may feel lost in their own little worlds while fighting to get thru their struggles with….

This book was awe-inspiring…It truly demonstrates that every struggle in your life can be made into a driving force to conquer all your heart’s desires. Sometimes we have to experience struggles in order for us to know the true meaning of humility. This book encompasses a world which many of us may not have experienced in our lifetime and helps us to understand the REAL side of mental illness. Yassin, I applaud you and wish you nothing but uplifting praise in all your current and future endeavors. May you continue to bless those who may feel lost in their own little worlds while fighting to get thru their struggles with and or dealing with loved ones with mental illness. You really brought “reality” to understanding this “shunned upon” topic. God Bless You!

5 Star ReviewVery thought provoking content and definitely a topic that needs 

Very thought provoking content and definitely a topic that needs a bright light shined upon it. There is not enough being done to help people with mental issues/disabilities. Very proud of Ms. Hall for taking a stance on a subject that affects families more than we realize! Get the book, read it, rate it!

5 Star ReviewFor anyone with a desire for self-improvement

12064429_10153149226372335_517858850_nGrowing up with a schizophrenic mother meant embarrassment, fear, shame and anticipation of the unexpected. In her book, Journey Untold – Twisted Love, Yassin and co-author, Loán, unravel the string of childhood and mend it with goals and achievements of adulthood.

At the start, the book ‘tells rather than shows’. In fact Yassin uses two voices — one to tell the story and one to reflect her inner thoughts to the reader. Nevertheless, the book soon recaptures and maintains the reader’s interest. For example, Yassin explains the events surrounding her mother’s delusion of being Lieutenant Governor’s wife. Yassin explains street experiences regarding her mother. How do these events affect the Virgin Islands’ small community where ‘all eyes are on you’? Next, the plot to escape from her mother is unfolded. Does Yassin make it?

Yassin’s life makes a twist when: ‘her grandmother realizes something that makes her come alive. . . provides instruction on how to sew . . and gives Yassin the creative freedom to design with her own version and style . . . .’
Yassin begins modeling school which builds up her confidence. Shortly thereafter, though, she gets pregnant. What should she do? More setbacks and blessings come. The rest of the book unveils how the life of Yassin’s mother helped Yassin to keep her head focused and eventually to own a successful fashion business.

I recommend Journey Untold – Twisted Love for anyone with a desire for self-improvement.

My favorite quote: “I needed to learn how to love myself and make peace with the woman in the mirror.”

5 Star ReviewEnjoyed this book!

I enjoyed reading this book! I also liked the extra comments through out the book by “self”. It was so interesting, many times I found myself wanting further details about the stories she recounted about her growing up and her life.

5 Star ReviewMoving and Heart Wrenching Life of Endurance

After reading this book, I realized I was not alone in having a mother with mental illness. The author is real and very open about the heartache of loving someone walking this journey. It was interesting to follow her reflection of life and see her overcome the grief by moving forward with achievements that are praise worthy. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about mental illness or someone needing encouragement.

5 Star ReviewIt’s a shame how we treat those people but I guess it is due to the fact that we ourselves do not know how to help them or maybe

After reading about her experiences with a mentally ill mom I can truly say that overall I applaud Yassin for sharing her story with us. I can say that I am more open minded towards mental illness and the people who are suffering from it. It’s a shame how we treat those people but I guess it is due to the fact that we ourselves do not know how to help them or maybe the best place to direct them to for treatment . Yassin once again I am extremely proud of you classmate for over coming that stigma and helping to put s light on mental illness.

5 Star ReviewGreat book

This book have brought tears to my eyes, countless time, throughout the story. Yassin and I have so much in common, growing up in the Virgin Islands. Dealing with someone that close to you in your family; that have mental illness is hard, especially for a young child. I can relate to her on so many level. Thank you for bringing your story forward for us all.

5 Star ReviewIt’s a very touching story I’m glad I had a chance to read it and I

It’s a very touching story I’m glad I had a chance to read it and I also had the pleasure to meet the author and spend time with her she’s a very down to earth person and I wish her nothing but success in her future projects.

5 Star ReviewJourney Untold Is an awesome read. I love every detail

As a parent of a child who committed suicide and still living today, Journey Untold Is an awesome read. I love every detail. Tears was shed. Don’t be a shame of sharing about metal illness because its real and not to be ignored. Yassin thank you!

5 Star ReviewA Beacon of Help for those whose family members struggle with mental illness(es)

This true story about the long term effects of mental illness will touch your life. The author’s honesty will help others who are also coping with family members who struggle with psychiatric disorders. Ms. Hall’s willingness to share how her community stepped up to the plate to help her make it through a trying time of her life gives credence to the sacred bond that Caribbean families value.

5 Star ReviewAn excellent book only by God’s grace and mercy she was..

An excellent book only by God’s grace and mercy she was able to understand the stigma of mental illness. She’s able to help herself that she doesn’t have the same experience with her family but rise above it.

5 Star ReviewBecause I worked in the woefully inadequate mental health system 

Because I worked in the woefully inadequate mental health system in the Virgin Islands at the time this book was written, I can attest to the truth of the community attitudes towards mental illness and the tremendous lack of understanding of its impact on children. Shame and secrecy still dominates the landscape and the pain that the author experienced as a child was authentic. I applaud Yassin’s courage to come out of the shadow’s and share her story. The pain must be met by a grassroots surge of acceptance and compassion for the problem and this book is a beginning.

5 Star ReviewA Must Read. A Story of Determination

This book had me captivated from beginning to end. It was like Yassin was sitting with me in person telling her story with all the expressive body language to go along with it. I felt all the emotions she expressed. I was scared and running for my life along side little Yassin that faithful day her mom decided to kill her…but God sent an angel to the rescue. I was thanking God while in tears. I read half the book in one sitting and finished the next day, which is rare. I’m struggling with depression my self and it is hard at times to deal with reality when I’m bombarded with negative thoughts. But God! Miss Hall, thank you so much for sharing your story and may you be continually strengthened and encouraged in making light of this debilitating mental problem that plague so many of us.

5 Star Reviewgreattttttttttt

I loved this book I personally didn’t grow up with the situation but saw it even a close friends mom was sick very touching an inspiring I’m a mental health advocate and feel like there is a stigma with mental health issues that needs to be addressed.

5 Star ReviewAwesome Reading

Excellent book. Can’t wait to get the sequel. Great story of your journey Yassin. I am really glad that God gave you the strength and courage to show us the side of you that was never revealed during your childhood years. ~Patsy067

5 Star Review“Journey Untold” is poignant, captivating, stirring – – a deeply emotional story of a child’s journey with a mother who suffered from mental illness.  Ms. Hall has opened the window of her soul and allows us to experience the deep, personal truths of everyday life with a parent who is mentally ill.   This is not an ordinary story.  Nothing prepares a young child for the twists, turns, volatility, triumphs and defeats of watching a parent’s mind slowly disintegrate.  Living in a small community many, like me, personally witnessed some of her experiences. Journey Untold boldly exposes and confronts mental illness.  It is page turning, twisted with emotions, truthful and agonizing; but in the end, “every little thing is going to be alright.” (Bob Marely’s Three Little Birds) ~Julie S. Carr

5 Star ReviewIt was very informative, touching and sad at the same time. I used to see your mother all the time and I knew something was wrong. I always wondered why no one would try to help her, like famiIy or friends. I have an aunt and a cousin in Tortola who have the same disease. At the [book] reading my eyes were opened on mental illness and how to tell the different signs and effects it has on people. You are truly blessed and strong Yassin to grow up dealing with your mother’s illness and your family issues. I am proud of you that you wrote this book about your life experiences to share with people and educate those of us who don’t know about schizophrenia. Love ya!! ~Dwayne Harley

5 Star ReviewJourney Untold: a powerful, eye-opening story of a child, speaking from her adult point of view of what she endures throughout life living with a mentally ill mother. This book does not only allow the reader to become aware of the different signs that a loved one may have while suffering through these mental illnesses such as depression or schizophrenia, but it also allows the reader to become more aware; and it helps encourage them to seek help for themselves or their loved one suffering.

The author and my personal friend, Yassin Hall fights through her personal struggles by finally opening up about this tragic, yet empowering life experience that allows the reader like myself to be able to lend a helping hand, help their loved ones, society, and the world to become aware of these very sureal and everyday mental struggles that people face. I encourage all to pick up a copy of the book and help become a mouth piece for so many without a voice.~Shawna Stafford

5 Star ReviewYassin Hall exposes the wounds of her past in the book Journey Untold.  She offers a glimpse into a mind in turmoil, exploring the physical aspects of mental illness and providing insight into the chaos that lies beneath the surface. Today she wants others to know that they, too, can enjoy relief and peace. This book is beautifully written, heartwarming, touching insights, a book with a Powerful message.  Whether you are the partner, parents, friend, or child of a depressed person, you’ll find this book an invaluable companion in your “Journey” back to health.~Walden Maduro


Her story is one of turmoil and redemption that has propelled her to champion the cause of mental illness and embrace her staple messaging “It’s okay to not be okay”.